Drinks vending machines throughout Swansea and South Wales

Discover a range of hot and cold drinks vending machines for all environments

Product Key Features

  • Coin Operated or Free-vend

  • Branded items from Coca Cola, Cadbury and Nescafe

  • Hot Drinks

  • Cold Drinks

  • Sealed in-cup ingredients

  • Clean dispensers

Clean and Hygienic

At Automatic Merchandising (Wales) Ltd, we handle the supply and installation of drinks vending machines all across Swansea. We offer hot and cold drinks vending machines with a selection of drinks including sealed in-cup ingredients for maximum freshness.

For your convenience, we deliver our machines free of charge and have no minimum contract.

Call Automatic Merchandising (Wales) Ltd on 01639 888730

The best drinks vending machines across Swansea.

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